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If your order is time sensitive, please use one of the expedited options on the check out page, but please read our shipping advisory. Orders accepted 24/7/365 via the website. Toll Free Tech Support Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am to 4pm, PST. We also have an alternate phone number in case the above has problems: 1(877)782-3488. Thank you! Use discount code "SAVE7" for 7% off your order!
FlexPVC® Selection Guide: Which flexible pvc pipe, hose or tubing is best for my application?
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Flexible pvc pipe cut to length.
Flexible Pipe By The Foot
Dimensions for Rigid Sch 40, Sch 80, Clear, White Glossy Furniture grade PVC pipe cut to length.
Rigid Pipe Size Chart
3 ways, 4 ways, 5 ways and 6 ways, Furniture Grade PVC Pipe Plastic Fittings.
Furniture Fittings
Snap Clamps to secure screen, tarps, fabric, etc to pvc pipe.
Snap Clamps
PVC Plastic Pipe Fittings Selection Guide. Includes: 3 Ways, 4 Ways, 5 Ways, 6 Ways, Tees, Elbows, Male & Female Adapters, Couples, Unions, Reducer Bushings, Caps, Wyes, and 45 degree, 22 degree & 11 degree elbows.
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Clear PVC Pipe & Acrylic Tube

Sch 40 White PVC Plumbing Pipe

Sch 80 Gray PVC Plumbing Pipe

Furniture Grade Glossy White Pipe


Thinwall PVC Pipe

Metric PVC Pipe

Shipping FAQ

How long will it to take to get my order?

  • Generally, see above. During the busy season (April to October) processing time is 1 day. During off peak season (November to March) processing time is 0-1 days. You can eliminate this time by selecting the "Cut to the front of the line" option on the check out page and we'll ship the same day as long as your order is placed by 1PM PST.
  • If you are ordering flexible pvc pipe by the roll, ground shipping of 2-5 business days is normal.
  • If you are ordering pvc fittings by the box, ground shipping of 2-5 business days is normal.
  • If you are ordering individual fittings or flexible pvc pipe by the foot, 5-7 business days is normal for ground shipping.
  • If your order is for short sections of flexible pvc pipe, 3 business days (west coast) to 7 business days (east coast) is normal for ground shipping.
  • If your order is a combination of the above, then expect 5-7 business days.

If the time shown is longer than what you need, please use one of the expedited shipping options on the check out page. All expedited orders will ship the same day the order is received if placed by 1PM PST. We offer Next Day 10:30AM, Next Day 3PM, 2nd Day 3PM (Blue) and 3 Day Select for expedited options. We also offer "cut to the front of the line" option for Ground Shipping as well. (Excludes large orders of cut pipe or fabricated fittings. We will try, but we can't guarantee fabricated fittings will ship the same day.) Saturday delivery is also offered for Next Day (Friday) and 2nd Day (Thursday) to major metro areas.

If there is any severe weather anywhere in the country it can delay shipping. (You can check the UPS website for notices of weather delays.) While the severe weather may not be in your location, it could be at the location of the warehouse shipping your order. So be patient if there is any severe weather anywhere. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. If you are in a rush for certain items, but not in a rush for other items, it's best to put in two orders. Small items can usually be shipped quickly for a reasonable amount, whereas large boxes of fittings or rolls of pipe can easily top $100 or more for rush delivery, so consider your options carefully. Overnight guaranteed will usually be $50 or more for a small order or $100 or more for large orders. Note: Overnight service is only guaranteed to a business address.

When will my order ship?

From about November to March all standard shipping orders ship within 0-24 hours. From about April to October all standard shipping orders ship within 0-48 hours. (Excluding back orders, custom made items, and cut pipe. These items may add 1 extra day to the processing time.) If you need your order shipped as fast as possible, you have two choices.

  1. Choose Next Day, 2nd Day, or 3 Day air. All of these orders will ship on the same day the order is placed, as long as it's placed by 1PM PST.
  2. Choose the $9.95 (November to March, $14.95 from April to October) "cut to the front of the line" and standard shipping. It will still ship ground shipping, however it will ship the same day the order is placed subject to the same 1PM PST cut off time, stock on hand, etc.

UPS 3 day is an excellent deal in this situation.

Furthermore, orders placed on Friday or Saturday will generally ship on Monday. Orders placed on Sunday will generally ship on Tuesday. Orders placed on Monday will generally ship anytime between Monday and Tuesday depending on our order queue. So if you need something in a hurry, best to use one of the expedited methods mentioned above.

How will my order be shipped?

  • If you are ordering flexible pvc pipe by the roll, UPS via ground shipping.
  • If you are ordering pvc fittings by the box, UPS or ground shipping.
  • If you are ordering individual fittings or flexible pvc pipe orders less than 1 pound these usually ship US Postal Mail. Orders over 2 pounds usually ship via UPS ground. Orders of 1-2 pounds just depends on your location, it could go either way.
  • If your order is for short sections of flexible pvc pipe, they always go UPS Ground.
  • If your order is a combination of the above, any and all of the above could apply.

How do I get next day or other faster shipping options?
On the checkout page there is a drop down box labeled "#1 Method of Shipping. Just click on the box and you can select Next Day 10:30AM, Next Day 3PM, UPS BLUE (2 day) or UPS 3 Day, along with ground. If you request any of the expedited shipping methods, it's faster if you ship to the billing address for the credit card. You don't have to, but it'll speed up the processing time for your order. Orders shipping to an address other than the billing address can still ship expedited, however we don't guarantee we'll ship the same day the order comes in. (Although we will try our very best to get it out.) All orders placed by 1PM PST and shipping to the billing address for the credit/debit card are guaranteed to ship the same day as long as we have the items in stock. (96% of all orders ship complete, 4% have back orders.) Also see Other Shipping Information page and the shipping disclaimers page and Rush Order Policy page.

NEW - Important Update Regarding Address Errors, Typos & Mistakes

Several years ago UPS allowed it's customers (you and us) to make changes for simple address corrections via the phone or the UPS website. UPS no longer offers this option. Now UPS treats all mistakes and typos as 'delivery intercepts.' Here's the rub: UPS charges a fee of $12.50 plus new shipping charges per delivery intercept. Even if there is only one number wrong, or missing an apartment or suite number, UPS considers this a delivery intercept. Here is how this might work:

Example 1: You forget your apartment number in your address. UPS will send you an 'exception notification.' Once you get that notice, you need to email us with the correction. At that point, you have to authorize us to charge $12.50 plus the new shipping charges to your credit card. The new shipping charges are calculated from the OLD "wrong" address to the new correct address. Even if it's the same location, UPS will now charge a whole new shipping charge, on top of the $12.50 'delivery intercept' fee. On a 2 pound package, the least expensive shipping charge is still about $7, so this will cost you about $19.50. You can avoid this cost by calling UPS when you get the 'exception notice' and agreeing to go to the UPS depot and pick up your package.

Example 2: You have a typo on the zip code, city or state. UPS will send you and us an 'exception notification.' Once you get that notice, you need to email us with the correction. At that point, you have to authorize us to charge $12.50 plus the new shipping charges to your credit card. The new shipping charges are calculated from the OLD "wrong" address to the new correct address. If you have a mistake like the wrong zip, state or city, it's going to be more expensive because not only does UPS charge the $12.50 'delivery intercept' fee, but the new shipping charges could be more than the original. For example a common mistake we see is AR for AZ (and vice versa) in the state. In such a case the package could be sent to the wrong part of the country. You can avoid this cost by making double and triple sure the address is correct. If it's only a minor error, you can call UPS when you get the 'exception notice' and agreeing to go to the UPS depot and pick up your package.

Bottom line: slow down and double and triple check your addresses and immediately notify us of a mistake via email.

Why don't you use Fedex, DHL, Postal, et al.?

Over the years we've used every delivery service company there is. While they all have their pros and cons, we have found overall, UPS to be the most reliable. They are not the most user friendly and they are not the cheapest. However, by a wide margin they are the most reliable. So we have to ask the question: would the customer rather save $5 on shipping or would the customer rather have a much higher likelihood of getting their order? This is not to say UPS is without fail, they do. However based on over a million shipments worldwide over many years in business, we have found UPS to be about 3 to 5 times more likely to successfully get the package to the customer than their competitors.

Will I get my order faster if I call it in?

  • Generally the best way to place your order is using the online shopping cart is the fastest way. If you don't want to to put your credit card online, you can use this method to place your order, just select "pay by check" and then call us with your card no. and order no. This way you get a record (via email) of your order as well. Please see our Return Policy as well.

Can I call in my order?

  • We prefer people to use the online order in system, however if you have a disability or there is a problem with our website or the internet, yes you can use the toll free number at the top of the page to call in your order. Please see our Return Policy as well because we do have different rules for orders placed by phone.

Do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

  • Yes we can ship most products to Hawaii or Alaska. Note however the shipping is much higher than domestic US shipping. Part of this is simply due to the remote locations, however part of this is due to the Jones Act of 1920. So if you are tired of paying high rates for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and other remote US destinations, you might want to contact your elected official and let them know you support repeal or modification of an Act passed almost 100 years ago as a result of World War I.

Do you ship to Canada?

  • Yes! Very small orders can go First Class Mail (under 1/2 pound) for the shipping cost shown in the shopping cart. Orders from 1 pound to about 4 pounds can go global priority mail for a semi-reasonable amount. We can also ship UPS Ground to Canada for less than Priority Mail, but it's slow and usually incurs customs fees. Rolls of flex pipe or boxes of fittings are expensive to ship to Canada. (Expect $50-$80 US in shipping rolls or multiple boxes of fittings.) In cases like this, it's better to have us ship to a US/Canada freight forwarding service. You can usually find them in your local phone directory under "freight forwarders." Shipping to a freight forwarders US address is no problem. Feel free to put your order in and we'll do our best to get you the best rates. See our International Customers page.

Do you ship international?

  • 99% Yes. We have shipped all over the world. If you do not see your country in the drop down box on the check out page, please email us and we'll add it.

If part of my order is back ordered, do I have to pay additional shipping for the back-order?

No. You will only pay one shipping charge regardless of how many back-orders or multiple warehouse shipments your order has. Exception: Expedited Shipping (Next Day, 2nd day, 3 day, etc) may incur additional charges. (In all the years we've been online we've only needed to do this less than a dozen times. Almost always we'll pickup the additional charges or split them with you.)

How much does it cost to ship my order?

We calculate our shipping via the following method: All orders start at a base shipping, boxing and packaging charge of about $8.50. Then the shipping charges (based on the weight of the order) are added in. You will see the total in the shopping cart check out page.

For most orders, this method works very well. However, if your order has to go by truck*, then the shipping charges in the cart may seem exaggerated. In these cases we'll get a custom quote from the trucking company and adjust your charges. We ship from 14 different warehouses but not all warehouses stock all items. The very reason we ship from so many different warehouses is specifically so we can keep our shipping prices low. However, if you see a charge that just seems wrong, please make a note of it in the "Special Notes" section of the order form and we'll review the shipping charges manually and adjust as needed. Rest assured we are very reasonable on our shipping charges.

* A notice about truck shipping: All flexible pvc pipe 2.5" or larger in diameter has to be shipped by truck. (The roll is just too big for UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc.) Also, if you order about 13 boxes or more of fittings, it's sometimes cheaper to ship by truck instead of common carrier. Shipping by truck to a residence adds approximately $60 to the cost of truck shipping, which usually starts out at about $125 and goes up from there. Also, 100' rolls of 2" FlexPVC®.com are now classified as Oversize3 by UPS. This means they will charge a $55 handling fee, so it's better to order 2 50' rolls of 2" instead of 100' rolls. If you need several hundred feet of 2" it's best to go by truck to save money. Also if you are ordering large rolls of pipe or very large quantities of fittings, you will save money by shipping to a commercial business address. In which case we ask that you add that address to your credit card company's profile for your card so that the address verification will confirm that address as a valid address for your card.

Also see UPS Weight and Size, UPS Dimensional Weight Surcharges, Large Package Surcharge and especially UPS Surcharges and Accessories page. (Note: UPS is very tricky on this page, they do not show the actual charges, but the increases. To find the actual charges you have to download their full Retail Rate and Service Guides (PDF). It starts on page 56.

I'm shipping to my billing address, do I have to do anything extra?

As long as the address you provide matches what the bank has on file for you, you are done. 99% of all orders get an address match and you are good to go. Also it's faster to ship to your billing address because we don't have to manually review the order.

What if I want my order shipped to an alternative shipping address?

Most of the time this is no problem. If there is an issue, we'll contact you via email.

Can you ship on my UPS account?
If you are a repeat customer who has ordered before, yes we can ship on your UPS account. Please email us (the blue cirlce at top of the page to the right of the phone number or the contact us link at the bottom of the page) for your discount code. For all others, we can only ship on our UPS account. If you are a new customer you can also ship on your UPS account, but it takes 1-3 days to verify the account. Just email us with your full company info and UPS acct number. We'll email you back the code after the account has been verified.

Can you ship on my Fedex account?
We can do it if you really, really, really want to, however, it's not a simple process. It would work like this: You place your order via the website. Under "method of payment" (#4) select "will send check or call with credit card." Then in #5, "Notes/Comments" you enter a comment that you'd like to ship on your Fedex account. Then complete your order. We will estimate shipping dimensions and weight and email you. You can then create a label and email it back to us. We'll put it on the box and take it to a Fedex drop off point. We will charge $5 for this service. Before we run it over to the drop off point, we'll call you or have you call us with your credit card number and we'll complete the sale and drop off the package.

Can you ship on Postal?
Sometimes yes. If the order is small and will go First Class or Priority Mail we sometimes ship via postal. We also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and most international packages via postal as well. (Although UPS is getting very competitive on rates for AK and HI.)

Will Call Option for flex pvc pipe and fittings:
Flexible PVC pipe can be picked up via will call only if you are buying full roll quantities. Orders for "buy the foot" cannot be picked up on will call. Standard plumbing grade fittings can be will called only if ordered at least 1000 fittings per order with a minimum charge of $350. All orders must be paid in full in advance by placing your order online before you go pick up your order. (Just put "willcall" in the "discount code" section of the check out page and. If you order is both will call and non-will call items, best to put in two orders one for the will call and one for the other.) You will be required to show picture ID that matches the name on the order to pick up your order. Will call warehouses for rolls of flexible pvc pipe are in Torrance - California, Houston - Texas, and Chicago - Illinois. PVC Fittings warehouse are located in LA - California, Seattle - Washington, Denver - Colorado, Flowermound - Texas, Harrisburg - Pennsylvania, Lawrenceville - Georgia, Bolingbrook - Illinois, Orlando - Florida Beaumont - California, Salt Lake City - Utah, Pasco - Washington, Burlington - Iowa, Frackville - Pennsylvania, Perry - Georgia, Carrollton - Texas. If your order is a mixture of flexible pvc pipe and fittings, you won't be able to will call both because there is no overlap of warehouses. Also not all warehouse stock all or the same fittings. Furniture grade fittings, bulkhead fittings, unions, manifolds, and other specialty fittings must be shipped from the Nevada warehouse only. You will be required to show picture ID that matches the name on the order to pick up your order.

Be sure to also read our Shipping Disclaimers page.

That's it! Most orders arrive in 3-7 days from order date (See above, weekends and holidays excluded.) If you have not received your order within 7 business days, nor received an email or phone call from us explaining why, then something has gone wrong and you need to contact us asap via phone or email. Also your order may come in several different boxes from several different warehouses, this is normal.

Cancellations & Returns Policy


If you cancel the order before your order has been pulled, we can stop the order and refund your card less a 10% processing fee. If you cancel the order after your order has been pulled, but before it's actually picked up by the driver, we will refund your card, less a 15% restocking fee. If however, your order has already picked up, you will be responsible for shipping to you, shipping back to us and a 33% restocking fee if you want to cancel your order. Even if you refuse the order, you will still be charged shipping both ways because the shippers (UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc) no longer return goods for free. All special order parts are non-CANCELLABLE and non-returnable. Be sure to check your email, and your spam filters for your order confirmation and tracking number emails. We are not responsible if your ISP or your computer deletes or marks our confirmation and tracking emails as spam. If you have not received a tracking number and want to cancel the order, use the contact form to send an email, or reply to the order confirmation email. You can also call the number at the top of the page to leave a voice mail, however email is the official method of contact for this site. Always be sure flexpvc.com, pvcfittings.com, ups.com, usps.com, dhl.com, fedex.com, etc are always in your "whitelist" for your spam filtering.


Orders over $650 are not returnable.

Orders over 90 days old are not returnable.

Orders for "box quantity" fittings are returnable, provided the fittings are not more than 3 months old, the fittings are in "as new condition" and the boxes are not opened. You will be responsible for shipping to you, shipping back to us and a 33% restocking fee. Orders "by the box" are not returnable individually. In other words, you can't buy a box of 100, use 80 and return 20.

Orders are generally returnable with the following conditions: You are responsible for shipping both ways. Both shipping to you and shipping back. All returns are subject to a 15%-33% restocking fee, unless it was our mistake. In which case there would be no restocking fee and we'll pay to have the wrong items shipped back to us and we'll pay to have the correct items shipped to you. If this is the case you can email us or reply to the original confirmation email with the problem and we'll get it taken care of.

All orders placed via a "piecemeal fashion" are not returnable. These are cases of a customer calling or emailing, "add this to my order..." or "substitute xyz for abc fitting," or "can you change size to 1 instead of 1.5?" While we know this happens and every effort will be taken to accommodate our customers requests, situations like this are just bound to have problems. And we make no guarantee that we won't mess up in this situation either. Our business is built around efficient use of the internet and streamlining the order, processing and shipping process. Piecemeal orders seriously disrupt the process and mistakes are more likely to happen. If you have placed an order and it's wrong, the best thing to do is email us, advise the order is wrong, and cancel the order. Then resubmit a new order, and on the comment section, put a note to "cancel order no. XXX" and then put in your previous order number. You can also "combine with previous order no. XXX" and we will make a good faith effort to link the two orders together and save shipping charges when possible.

Note: Due to the high cost of shipping on some items we sell, it's important that you make sure you are ordering the correct items before you place your order. There are a lot of help pages on our site, so please be sure to read them before you place your order. You are also encouraged to call the toll free number to ask questions to get clarification on any technical question you might have or use the contact form to email us your questions. Under no circumstances will we accept returns of cut pipe or pipe that has been damaged. Nor will we take back boxes of fittings that have been damaged or worn from anything other than normal shipping. Water damaged boxes will not be returnable. (Imagine how you'd feel getting a box that looked like it sat out in the rain.) The very best way to handle returns is simply respond to the original confirmation email you received when you placed your order. (If you didn't get the email, please check your spam or junk mail filters.) You can also use the contact form to email us.

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