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FlexPVC® Selection Guide: Which flexible pvc pipe, hose or tubing is best for my application? Flexible pvc pipe cut to length. Dimensions for Rigid Sch 40, Sch 80, Clear, White Glossy Furniture grade PVC pipe cut to length. 3 ways, 4 ways, 5 ways and 6 ways, Furniture Grade PVC Pipe Plastic Fittings. Snap Clamps to secure screen, tarps, fabric, etc to pvc pipe. PVC Plastic Pipe Fittings Selection Guide. Includes: 3 Ways, 4 Ways, 5 Ways, 6 Ways, Tees, Elbows, Male & Female Adapters, Couples, Unions, Reducer Bushings, Caps, Wyes, and 45 degree, 22 degree & 11 degree elbows.
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Clear PVC & Acrylic Pipe

Sch 40 White PVC Plumbing Pipe

Sch 80 Gray PVC Plumbing Pipe

Furniture Grade Glossy White Pipe


Thinwall PVC Pipe

Metric PVC Pipe

Limited Lifetime Warranty

PVC Distributors LLC (aka Flexpvc.com, PVCFittings.com and PVCPipe.com, hereafter "PVC Distributors") warranties all our Standard Flexible PVC Pipe to be free from defects for the life of the product.

  • This warranty is effective November 5th 2015 and made to the original purchaser of Standard Flexible PVC Pipe only (it is non-transferable) and is subject to the following conditions:

  • Customer must have been a FlexPVC Fan Club Member at the time of purchase to present. [Membership is free and only requires signing up.]

  • Product not to be used in potable (human drinking) water applications.

  • Product to be used only in open flow applications, never to be used in "dead head pressure" situations. Also approved for gravity feed up to 100' of head pressure.

  • Product never to be used with "booster pumps."

  • Product should never be exposed to UV light sources without proper shielding. Burying, painting, insulating and/or taping with approved PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape secures your warranty if the pipe is exposed to the sun or other UV light sources.

  • Customer is not to exceed the working pressure for Standard Flexible PVC Pipe as specified in the specs page for the product.

  • This warranty does not cover damage due to insects, rocks or other aggressive back fill, tools, heavy equipment, etc.

  • This warranty only covers the use of chemicals listed as "A" rated in our chemical ratings chart. (This chart is included by reference in this warranty.)

  • This warranty does not apply to failed glue joints because the glue joint is outside the control of PVC Distributors and subject to a wide range of conditions.

  • This warranty does not apply to improperly used flexible pvc pipe. Using barb or insert fittings excludes this warranty. Flexible PVC Pipe is to be used in solvent glue applications using standard IPS sized (Sch 40, etc) pvc pipe fittings only.

  • This warranty is limited and does not include incidental or consequential damages.

  • FlexPVC maintains a list of all transactions, however if we are unable to find your original order you may need to provide a written copy of your receipt.

To secure your rights under this warranty you must contact FlexPVC.com (via postal mail, email or telephone) as soon as you suspect a problem with the product and allow PVC Distributors to evaluate the circumstances of the failure. You agree to supply samples if requested and photographs and answer questions regarding the installation and suspected failure. PVC Distributors liability is limited to initial sales price of the product and will repair, replace, credit or refund the product at the discretion of PVC Distributors LLC. This warranty does not cover shipping costs, nor labor to replace the product. To the extent permitted by law, PVC Distributors LLC makes no warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, except as set forth in this limited lifetime warranty. As permitted by law, PVC Distributors LLC does not intend to include in this warranty incidental damages, including labor charges and consequential damages of every type and description resulting from any claimed defect in material or workmanship, including personal injury and property damage. Pipe damaged due to water or any liquid freezing in the pipe is expressly excluded in this limited warranty. Please drain and winterize all plumbing before exposed to freezing (32F° or lower.)

Also please see our Warranty Disclaimer for the rest of the items we sell on our website.

This warranty does not apply to the product currently known as "EZ-Flow Thinwall" Flexible PVC Pipe at this time, nor any other hose or product sold by FlexPVC.com (PVC Distributors LLC)

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