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Clear PVC & Acrylic Pipe

Sch 40 White PVC Plumbing Pipe

Sch 80 Gray PVC Plumbing Pipe

Furniture Grade Glossy White Pipe


Thinwall PVC Pipe

So what can you do with all these PVC parts?

Over the years we've either built ourselves or had customers build a lot of interesting things from PVC parts. Here are just a few.

"Forever Dog Watering Dish" uses a 55 gallon drum plumbed to a inexpensive basin so the dogs never run out of water.

Annotated view of the parts needed to build the 'forever' dog watering bowl.

PVC Rocket (non-functional, we'll be putting a link to the kit where you can buy it in a few days.)

Fixed (Non-Adjustable) Dog Jump

Adjustable Dog Jump

Toddler Jungle Gym

Toddler Jungle Gym

Toddler Jungle Gym

PVC Pipe Tunnel

Christmas Lights Bridge made out of all pvc fittings and pipe we sell.

Space Saving Elevated Bed Frame.

How about an Anemometer Mast? It's over 12' above the roof line. We are going with wind power this year and the mast is used to get the data to determine the best turbine for our location. The mast is made up of 3 pieces of 4' long pvc pipe: 1.5", 1.25" and 1". They are interconnected using the reducing couples we sell on the site.

A close up view of the Anemometer Mast Mount. Yes, that's a cross, two 1.5" mounting caps and one 1" mounting cap (didn't have enough room for a 3rd 1.5"), a couple of 1.5" 90's, a single 1" 90, a 1.5x1 reducer bushing, and a union so that the mast can easily be taken down for repairs or upgrades.

A simple cage. What makes this intersting is how a curved top was formed from crosses (in the center) and tees (at the ends) with st 45's and then FlexPVC®.com down to the first connection. It gives it a different look, and angled sides.

Fishing with PVC pipe. Awesome project to do with your kids.

A cool car canopy. This is made of all 1" pvc pipe. That's a 22 degree angle roof. The horizontal supports in the middle give it a lot of extra strength, but makes it a little complicated looking. And the measuring of the pipes have to be right on. The sides have a 45 degree support to give it extra strength.

Another view. This canopy has withstood over 60mph winds and several dust devils. The secret is that the PVC pipe flexs and deflects the wind energy, where the metal ones just get twisted into pretzels. When this picture was taken there was a strong 25mph wind from the right side of the picture. You can see the vertical pieces bending, but as soon as the wind ceases, they go back straight up. It is not free standing, but attached at the wall with J-bolts through the block. PVC canopies have to be either supported on at least one end by mounting to a structure (see our Pipe Mounting Clamps for a very cool way to achieve this.) or tethered with guy wires. They will generally not survive free standing if it's windy.

A water manifold.

About a million marshmallow gun kits.

A little hard to see, but that's a misting system along the eves of the roof, and along the top of the roll up door. The temp on the inside of the door dropped from 140F in direct sun down to about 85F. Makes a huge difference inside the building. And our UPS drivers love it! You can either use the Pipe Mounting Clamps or misting clamps (same page, buttom of the page) to attach the pipe to a structure.

Another chicken cage. (floor pieces not in.) Just use snap clamps to hold on the screen and put mesh on the floor and you are done. Click on the picture above for annotated view showing which fittings were used to create the structure.

A PVC Step Ladder? Why not? Horizontal pieces sch 80, vertical pieces Class 200, diagonals Sch 40. Makes it strong and light. We've had over 500 pounds on this ladder and use it everyday. It's insanely strong, takes up less space than an A-Frame step ladder and about the same weight as our 6' fiberglass ladder.

Double Decker Dog Bed

A Doggy Wheel Chair.
Click the picture to read the story of Wiley.

Another canopy picture. Just the top. You would of course add the vertical poles to get the height you needed.

A yarn spinnerett

Another yarn spinnerett.

Really cool SUV storage system. Here it is early in it's construction.

Here it is finished. Really useful.

I giant TX. Think they were from Texas. ;-)

A PVC awning. This was just a draft to show the customer how to do it. You would of course use longer pieces of pipe to make it whatever size you needed. It's just to show how the fittings would go together to form what they wanted. To increasee the angle, just make the vertical pieces at the top longer. (Between the 90 and the T at the building.) They never sent us pictures of the completed job, but I image it looks pretty good. The nice thing about this design is that it's really easy to build. The X-bracing in the middle gives you support and you can slide as many on that you need to make the awning as wide as needed. And you can vary it quite a bit to get the look, strength, size and angle you need. You could even use it as a green house frame against an existing building.

Rain barrel collection system.


Monster inside.

Futuristic PVC Gazebo.

Futuristic PVC Gazebo.




PVC Robot #2 during Construction.

Robot 2 Closeup.

Robot 2a.

Robot 2b.

PVC Diving Robot.

A PVC 4 wheeled bike

A PVC harp.

Federation Power Conduit Manifold.

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