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FlexPVC® Selection Guide: Which flexible pvc pipe, hose or tubing is best for my application? Flexible pvc pipe cut to length. Rigid Sch 40, Sch 80, Clear, White Glossy Furniture grade PVC pipe cut to length. 3 ways, 4 ways, 5 ways and 6 ways, Furniture Grade PVC Pipe Plastic Fittings. Snap Clamps to secure screen, tarps, fabric, etc to pvc pipe. PVC Plastic Pipe Fittings Selection Guide. Includes: 3 Ways, 4 Ways, 5 Ways, 6 Ways, Tees, Elbows, Male & Female Adapters, Couples, Unions, Reducer Bushings, Caps, Wyes, and 45 degree, 22 degree & 11 degree elbows.
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Thinwall PVC Pipe

We have an extensive selection of barb fittings. The come in PVC, Plastic, Nylon, Polypropylene and other materials.

If you don't find the barb fitting you are looking for in one material, check some of the others. The PVC barb fittings are by far the strongest and most durable, however sometimes we can only find a certain barb fitting in PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), Nylon, or generic plastic so you'll need to do some digging on our website. Also note that each of these pages are very large, so you'll have to scroll down alot to see all the barb fittings we have.

Note: Most barb fittings are "ribbed barbs" meaning they have the ridges to help hold the hose to the barb. However, some have a "smooth barb" which has no ridges. They are easier to take the hose on and off and if you need such a feature be sure to look for them. We differentiate them with "RB" for "Ribbed Barbs" and "SM" for "Smooth Barbs." Also note: you do not use glue on barbed fittings, whether smooth or ribbed. You only use glue for FlexPVC®.com pipe that glues into a standard sch 40 fitting. Barbed fittings are always secured with a clamp. (radiator hose clamp, specialized tie wrap, etc.) The reason for this is simple: hose flexes outward, which will pull it away from the fitting, thus breaking the seal, so gluing will have no benefit. FlexPVC®.com is different because it glues into a fitting and the pressure in the pipe/hose presses it against the fitting, not away from it. And of course you would never use FlexPVC®.com pipe with barb fittings since their design is to be glued into Sch 40 fittings, not barbs.

Slip & Spigot Barb Fittings. - These fittings are barb by spigot or barb by slipt. Ie, they will either glue into a PVC sch 40/80 fitting (ie spigot) or glue onto a PVC pipe (slip.)
Threaded Barb Fittings. - These fittings will be barb x FPT or barb x MPT. Ie, they will either thread into a Female (FPT, Female National Pipe Thread) fitting or thread on to a Male (MNPT, Male National Pipe Thread) fitting.
Garden Hose Barbs.
Twist Barbs. 1/2" only.
Barb Crosses.
Barb Distributors. These are slip or spigot by Smooth Barb - SB.
Barb Elbows. Both threaded (MPT and FPT) and slip/spigot elbows. Scroll down the page to see them all. There are alot.
Barb Wyes. Not a lot, but some interesting barb Wyes.
Barbed Bulkhead Fittings. Available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1". Barb on the nut side, sch 40 slip socket on the flange side.
Inexpensive Barb Valves for common sizes of vinyl, rubber and other tubing and hose.
Barb Manifolds. All sorts of barb manifolds. 3/8" barbs and 3/4" barbs. Smooth Barbs - SB and Ribbed Barbs - RB on this page. Read the description carefully. Flow through manifolds and dead end manifolds. Be sure to scroll down to see them all.
Barb Plugs. Just like the name says.
Barb Tees. Another page of an extensive selection of Barb Tees. Barb x Barb x Barb, and Barb x Barb x MPT, Barb x Barb x FPT, and even Slip x Spigot x Barb. Even a double barb Tee here.
Barb Couplings. Couples and Reducing Couplers.
Twist Barbs.