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#1 Select Shipping Options (Please read our Shipping Advisory first.)

(You will be able to come back to this page to change the shipping method if needed.)
If your order is time sensitive, please use one of the expedited shipping methods or the 'cut to the front of the line' option.


***** ?????? ***** DRIVER RELEASE OR SIGNATURE REQUIRED? ***** ?????? *****
Is Signature Required for Delivery?* (Required field)
Signature Required (+$10 added to shipping charges)
Driver Release Okay (no charge)

If no one is there to sign for the shipment, it could require multiple delivery attempts and/or you may have to pick it up at the depot, but it is far more secure. On the other hand if you allow the driver to drop it off, it's far more convenient, but you risk "porch pirates." Only you know your area and acceptable risk. We are sorry but these are the times we are living in. :-(


Orders typically ship out from our facility within 24-48 hours after receipt of order.
This order can still SHIP today if you submit your order before 1PM PST and you select one of the expedited shipping methods ABOVE, or select the "Cut to the front of the line" option BELOW.

(all add-ons are optional services)

 "Cut to the front of the line" (+$19.95)
What's this?
Use the "Cut to the front of the line" option to save 1-2 DAYS processing time on GROUND SHIPPING if your order is time sensitive. Orders placed before 1PM PST will SHIP the day the order is placed or the following business day if placed after 1PM PST VIA GROUND SHIPPING (3 TO 7 DAYS). If you need it faster than that, please select Next Day, 2nd Day or 3 Day from the drop down above. Holidays excluded. Subject to stock on hand. Note: Orders that go by truck may be delayed 1 to 5 days due to scheduling requirements.

 "Saturday Delivery" (+$16)
What's this?
For NEXT DAY (ordering on Friday) and 2nd Day (ordering on Thursday) orders ONLY! DO NOT SELECT THIS BOX IF YOU ARE SHIPPING VIA GROUND! Saturday delivery for ground is FREE (if UPS offers it to your location and it's automatic.) ONLY select this box if you choose UPS NEXT DAY air on a Friday, or UPS BLUE 2 Day on a Thursday. For our standard GROUND shipping, you can estimate your ETA using our UPS Ground Shipping Map. Note the "days" are "business days" and exclude weekends and holidays.

Shipping Discount Code:
Please do not use expired codes or codes you find on coupon sites. The only valid discount codes are at the top of the page or our Youtube Channel. Shipping amount will update after you click on the continue button below.

Canadian customers, please select "Canadian Orders" from the cyan/blue Shipping Method drop down above and the next page will show you shipping costs and options.

International customers we will email you a quote before we charge your card.

The shipping charges will update after you fill in your info below and click on the continue button at the bottom.

Please do not use expired codes or codes you find on coupon sites. The only valid discount codes are at the top of the page or our Youtube Channel. Shipping amount will update after you click on the continue button below.

#2 Credit Card Billing Address: *required fields

Click for special Info about your email address
If your email contains any of these letter combinations, the shopping cart will likely not accept your order: .js .cgi .pl document. .cookie .jsp .asp .php .css script javascript java vbscript. Please try to use an email address that does not contain any of them. If you have to, just use anything @ (Click here for important information regarding your email & tracking info.)

If you are worried about your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy

#3 UPS Shipping To Address
Same as Billing (Note: Invalid addresses will delay your order several days so please review carefully. Name, if different from billing name, must be the actual recipient name or UPS will return it! Click here for more details. )

US Postal Shipping Address: (if different than UPS shipping address)

#4 Method of Payment
[Note: If you have any problem processing your card, you can use the options B or C to submit your order. Once done call us with your order number and we'll manually run your card. Thank you! :-) ]

  A: Pay by Credit Card Via Secure Online Cart
(SELECT "C" if using card on file)

(Fastest & Double Encrypted)
  What Number Does Your Credit Card Start With?:

FULL card number will entered on the next page after completing this page.

  B: Pay by Check/Money Order, or Will Call with Card Number
Use this option if you are looking for an RFQ.
If sending a check, we will not be able to ship your order until after we receive your check. If you need an invoice for payment, just hit reply to your email confirmation after submitting and ask for one. Thanks. :-)

  C: Card Number On File

#5 Add any special instructions, notes, comments, alternate email addresses, purchase orders, reference numbers here:

#6 Please select: Packing Slip or Invoice included with your order:
Please send invoice with prices with my order.
Please send packing list with no prices with my order.

#7 Accept Terms of Service
TO ALL CUSTOMERS IN A HURRY (Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, & 'Cut to the front of the line') Please SLOW DOWN:

➜ RUSH ORDERS are processed in real time and therefore are NON-CANCELABLE.

➜ RUSH orders ship fastest if shipped to the billing address of the credit card. Shipping to an alternate address may be done, but it will require addition verification and validation procedures. These additional steps will usually only take a few minutes of your time, but you must check your email. We will email you instructions after your order has been submitted so be sure you monitor your email. By submitting your order below you acknowledge these conditions of sale.

REPEAT customers will NOT be affected by this. Ie. If you have ordered from us in the past you can ship wherever you like without delays.


➜ All orders will ship faster if they are shipped to the billing address for the card. Orders shipping to a different address may have to be confirmed and this may delay the shipment of your order. REPEAT customers will NOT be effected by this. Ie. If you have ordered from us in the past you can ship wherever you like without delays.

➜ UPS Saturday delivery for ground is FREE, but they charge a fee if you ship Next Day on Friday or 2nd Day on Thursday if you are in one of UPS Saturday Metro Areas.

➜ Fabricated fittings, cut pipe, cut hose, cut tubing, custom manifolds, custom bulkhead fittings, etc are all NON-CANCELABLE, NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

➜ We reserve the right to deduct a 6% cancellation fee from refunds on large or special orders. A restocking fee will be charged if you return the items that are returnable after your order has already shipped.

I have read and agree to the full Sales/Terms of Service and Refund Policy NOTE: Cut to order pvc pipe, rigid or flexible, and fabricated fittings are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

#8 Please Answer Challenge Question
We know you hate these things but it's to keep bots from spamming bogus orders running stolen credit card numbers and it's mandated by Visa/MC/Discover/Amex.


Which driver bit is used for 1 GREEN ?

Type your answer in box to the below (must be in all lowercase).

If you are having trouble with the challenge question just call 1 877 782 3488 (anytime) and enter extension 1005 for the answer.

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