Home Help For Installing Flexible Pipe

If you are doing some home repairs or upgrades to your residential irrigation system, or perhaps putting in a swimming pool or a hot tub, you may find that using flexible pipe can help to make your job a lot less complicated.

What are you plumbing?

All types of pipe are designed for specific use parameters. This is true if it is the flexible PVC pipe or if it is rigid pipe. The good news is that with the new types of PVC pipes temperature, at least in home use, this won’t be a problem.

There are different colors and sizes of flexible pipe, and there are only some pipes that can be used for potable or drinking water. It is important to carefully consider this when purchasing your pipe to avoid getting it home and finding out you have the wrong materials.

If you are going to use the pipe to provide water to an aquarium or for any type of watering of animals or plants, it is important to rinse it out first. This will remove any chemical residue that may be present in the pipe from either manufacturing or storage.

Rough Terrain

To be able to avoid a lot of fittings and connectors, the ability to bend offered with flexible hose or pipe is amazing. You can easily position the pipe as need and while you can’t make a right angle you can create the same directional change with a bend that will eliminate the need for a right angle fixture. This helps to reduce the risk of possible leaks and also to help to maintain high water pressure even when the run is long.

Another thing to consider is the flexible pipe is going to fit into the trench you dig, and you don’t have to worry about keeping in completely even or level. This means you can avoid having to move huge rocks or digging deep if you have an elevated part of the lawn or a low spot you have to accommodate for along the path.

While any PVC flexible pipe should be protected from direct sunlight to avoid any damage, this is simple to accomplish by simply covering it with dirt or taping any exposed areas to avoid any degradation from UV rays.

At FlexPVC with over 40 years of experience in working with all types of PVC pipe, fittings, and systems that experience translates into support and advice for those taking on these projects. Surprisingly, with just a bit of planning and a little bit of reading you can easily choose the materials you need to get the job done right the first time.

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