Pipe, Tubing, Flexible PVC Pipe & Hose’


  • Rigid PVC Pipe & Flexible PVC Pipe
    • Products referred to as “pipe” conform to pipe standards as established by:
      • IAPMO
      • ASTM
      • NSF
      • Other such agency
    • Pipe size is “nominal” (means “in name only”) and is approx. equal to the inside diameter (ID) of the pipe.
    • The OD (outside diameter) is held to strict tolerances, the inside diameter is not.
    • Pipe wall thickness is set by the pipe’s size and classification and usually expressed as a “minimum wall thickness”, but it can vary.
    • Pipe can be rigid or flexible.
    • Pipe can be clear with a tint or solid colored, but the color is used to help identify the rating and classification of the pipe.
    • Pipe will, by law, have printing on it except for furniture grade pipe which does not have any printing on it.
  • Tubing
    • Tubing does not conform to any standards and does not have any third party agency’s ratings.
    • Tubing is usually identified by it’s OD (outside diameter) and ID (inner diameter) which determines the wall thickness.
    • Tubing generally will not fit pipe fittings (there are exceptions).
    • Tubing is not an engineered product for a particular purpose like pipe is.
    • Tubing will have no printing on it and the color is clear like glass with no tint.
  • Flexible PVC Pipe
    • Flexible pvc pipe is identified the same way as rigid pvc pipe.
    • Flexible pvc pipe is identified the same way as rigid pvc pipe.
    • Flexible pvc pipe is a flexible material engineered to solvent weld INTO pvc pipe fittings with pvc glue or cement and primer.
    • Flexible pvc pipe can be colored or clear with a colored spiral.
    • Flexible pvc pipe will be smooth on the inside and outside.
    • Flexible pvc pipe MAY have a rating or certification from third party agency such as NSF, IAPMO, etc, but not all do.
  • Hose
    • Hose or flexible tubing is identified based up on both it’s ID and OD.
    • Hose or flexible tubing is terminates by going over the barbed end of an insert fitting and secured with a clamp.
    • Hose or flexible tubing can be smooth or corrugated on the inside or outside.
    • Hose or flexible tubing may have some rating or certification from a third party agency such as NSF, IAPMO or others but not all do.

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